Best Android Games

There are so many game apps available for Android. Here is a list of Android Games

Top 10 Best Free Android Games


Free crossword style multiplayer word game. Play with friends or random opponents. Participate in up to 30 games simultaneously.

livepoker-Texas Hold’em

Play LIVE poker against your friends on other phones and players connecting from Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5 and more, directly from your Android device.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds has hit 2 million downloads on Android-based devices in just two days of availability, the game’s developer announced on its Twitter account. Rovio released Angry Birds for Android users on cross-platform app store.

Slide puzzle

This classic, tile sliding game features include a touch screen interface, multiple puzzle sizes and customizable look and feel.


Released a few months back in beta form, Newton is a maths/physics challenge that has you lining up shots at a target – but having to contend with the laws of nature, in the form of pushers, pullers, benders (no laughing), mirrors and traps, all deflecting your shot from its target.

Gem Miner

You are a sort of mole character that likes to dig things out of the ground. But that’s not important. The game itself has you micro-managing the raw materials you find, upgrading your digging powers and buying bigger and better tools and maps.

Frozen Bubble

Another key theme of the independent Android gaming scene is (ports of) clones of popular titles. Like Frozen Bubble, which is based around the ancient and many-times-copied concept of firing gems up a screen to make little groups of similarly coloured clusters.

Replica Island

An extremely polished platform game that pulls off the shock result of being very playable on an Android trackball. The heavy momentum of the character means you’re only switching direction with the ball or d-pad, letting you whizz about the levels with ease.


OpenSudoku is a simple open source sudoku game. It’s designed to be controlled both by finger and keyboard. It’s preloaded with 90 puzzles in 3 difficulty levels.

Toss It

It is very simple but surprisingly addictive: toss a ball of crumpled paper into a waste bin.

Top 10 Best Paid Android Games

Robo Defense

Robo Defense is a tower defense game for Google Android. Basically your job is to prevent enemy vehicles from getting from one side of the board to the other. But while the enemy troops can drive, run, or fly, all you’ve got to work with are stationary guns, rocket launchers, anti-aircraft missile launchers, and “slow towers,” which slow down enemy units. you’ll need to pay for this game. Price: $2.99

Mystique. Chapter 3: Obitus

It’s an adventurous game full of engaging graphics and a soundtrack that pulls you into the game, with 3D features. It’s horrific in nature, with a lot of gore to match, featured with scenes from a hospital and basement. The characters are pretty cool themselves; with puzzles to get turn those wheels in your head. This game can give young gamers and adults alike, a bone chilling’ll need to pay for this game. Price: $2.99

Armored Strike Online

A quite superb turn-based strategy shooter thing, based on ancient classics like Death Tank and Worms. Everyone has a go at shooting, everyone waits to see if anyone else died, then the remaining living forces have another go. A superb game really brought to life by touchscreen controls and online play. you’ll need to pay for this game. Price: $3.99


This game means serious business with great 3D effects with two player settings to let others join in the fun. It’s equipped with the best in features, and even has the option of playing with real players in death matches. Pretty impressive game. you’ll need to pay for this game. Price: $4.00


Radiant is an Android game based on older arcade space shooters where you fight to overcome an alien horde.  If you’d like to relive classic shooter games, this is it.  It is made by Hexage who created another game you might’ve played. you’ll need to pay for this game. Price: $2.50

Flight Director

Flight Director is an Android game where you direct planes and choppers safely to their runway. Strategic planning and fast fingers are needed to get the job done.


If you’ve had enough of two-minute-wonders based around puzzles and words, try Zenonia. It’s a role-playing game, one created in the traditional, complex, character-enhancing style more common to ‘proper’ games systems. you’ll need to pay for this game. Price: $5.99


BUKA is a cute game of skill. Facing the impossible odds of countless baddies, BUKA has set on a quest to find The Happy Place. Protect her with powerful explosions and shockwaves you can create with single touch. you’ll need to pay for this game. Price: £1.50

Shoot U!

A very odd-looking, hand-drawn physics game, Shoot U! has player firing a little person out of a canon – and trying to manage the laws of momentum and gravity to crash the poor chap’s body through walls, over walls, under walls and into the welcoming glow of the target. you’ll need to pay for this game. Price: $2.99

Gem Miner

This allows users to make a fortune by venturing into mines, for coal and other hidden bonuses like maps or gems. One needs to also have enough ladders to get themselves out of there, where making more money ensures you get better tools to find more valuables in the mine. you’ll need to pay for this game. Price: $2.00

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