Well I am not a good prankster, but I love pranks. So yesterday I kept my  eyes open to check all the cool pranks that Google threw on April Fools day.

Here is a list of April fool pranks that I came across from Google.

Pin All Your Romantic Hopes on Google

Google Romance is a place where you can post all types of romantic information and, using our Soulmate Searchâ„¢, get back search results that could, in theory, include the love of your life. Then we’ll send you both on a Contextual DateTM, which we’ll pay for while delivering to you relevant ads that we and our advertising partners think will help produce the dating results you’re looking for.


Search tomorrow’s web, today!

Google Australia has introduced a new feature, enabling you to search content on the internet before it is created.


Coming soon! Store anything in Google Docs

Ever wish you could CTRL+F your keys? Store your keys and other objects you commonly lose with Google and you’ll never have to worry about finding them again.


Introducing Translate for Animals (beta): Bridging the gap between animals and humans

Translate for Animals is an application for Android phones that recognises and transcribes words and phrases that are common to a species, like cats for example.


TEXTp saves YouTube bandwidth, money

TEXTp is the result of months of intense transcoding efforts by our engineers, who toiled for weeks to ensure that a large chunk of videos on the platform could be reduced to their most basic elements. By replacing the images in the video with a series of letters and numbers, the videos are far less taxing on our system — and have the added benefit of promoting literacy!


3D Books! – Google Books Now Offers Digital Books in a New Dimension

These days, 3D seems to be everywhere. From Hollywood blockbusters to LCD televisions, those iconic cardboard glasses seem to be everywhere, even on President Obama.

This got a few of us on the Google Books team to thinking: why not offer our books in 3D? So we’ve done exactly that. Now, when you visit a book, you’ll see a new option: “View in 3D”.


A different kind of company name

Early last month the mayor of Topeka, Kansas stunned the world by announcing that his city was changing its name to Google. We’ve been wondering ever since how best to honor that moving gesture. Today we are pleased to announce that as of 1AM (Central Daylight Time) April 1st, Google has officially changed our name to Topeka.


Try out new Google Wave wave notifications!

In designing notifications, we realized that people use lots of different tools on the web, but one system that is compatible with everyone is the physical world. So, today we are excited to roll out an early preview of Google Wave wave notifications.
You can enable Google Wave wave notifications through the drop down menu that appears when you mouse over the Inbox link in the Navigation panel.


Announcing Wingdings as a new font

Last year, we announced that publishers could begin changing the font faces of their ad units. We’ve been listening to your feedback, and we’re happy to let you know that we’ve just added Wingdings as a font face option.


Now here is a list of pranks from others involving Google.

Exclusive: Google To Go Nuclear

Google has acquired a company that has created a new process for highly efficient isotope separation, we’ve confirmed from multiple sources. The primary use of this technology, say experts we’ve spoken with, is uranium enrichment.

ProBlogger Acquired by Google

ProBlogger, the web’s #1 Blog Tips site, today announced that it has been acquired by Google.

This acquisition will be a part of Googles extension of the ‘Blogger’ brand and a precursor to their new professional blogging suite of applications – ProBlogger.

Exclusive: Google Goes to Jail for April Fools?

Sorry to spoil the fun, Googlers, but one of your own just sneaked us a peek at your April Fool’s Day prank: Google Jail. That or, um, Google is far more sinister (and naive) than we ever imagined … Nah!

This all came to us from, let’s say, a trusted source connected to Google.

Google Implements Predictive Searching

“Predictive search” is the company’s most ambitious feature to date. Amazingly, it removes the need for a search box altogether. Google’s algorithms have been monitoring your activities for the past 12 years and the system can accurately predict where you want to go before you enter it.

90% Of Google Employees Prefer Bing

Google is no doubt one of the biggest search engines in the world, but the fact is that most of the Google employees prefer using Bing for the reliability and let me say better travel options it presents, considering that Google is busy shipping its employees in and out of Silicon Valley.

Google Japan releases the new keyboard drumset for one stroke input

Ever tried writing in Japanese? No, right? Well it’s really hard. There are like lines and little circles and things. Well, Google Japan just released their new drum-based interface to type in Japanese. No longer will you be confounded by the spelling of Hari Kari and Toyota!

Ra-Software Inc acquired by Topeka, the company formerly known as Google

Today Topeka Inc, the company formerly known as Google Inc acquired Ra-Software for 30 million US dollars, Topeka shares worth 15 million dollars and a years supply of wafer technology for the frog farms of all Ra-Software employees