Papercraft are models constructed mainly from sheets of heavy paper, paperboard, or card stock. It generally involves working with sheets of paper and a scalpel and cutting the component pieces to fit the final drawing and assembling the low relief artwork under studio lighting. When the sculpture is complete the lighting is adjusted to bring out the subtle form and texture.

Fine art

Jeff’s paper sculpting career has spanned 28 years, and his commercial portfolio includes clients such as Bloomingdale’s, Visa, Penn State University, Paramount Pictures, Harvard Medical School, Random House. When you see his creations, it’s hard to believe that they’re made out of paper. They appear to be finely chiseled marble, or even molded plaster, but they’re all paper.














Calvin has been creating his paper sculptures since 1986 from his studio north of Toronto Ontario, Canada. Working with sheets of paper and a scalpel. His work has been used by numerous international corporations and has has appeared in galleries throughout North America.

















Allen and Patty Eckman have developed a special process for creating sculptures out of castpaper. The creations are stunningly beautiful and highly detailed.







Jen Stark: “It started when I was attending Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and decided to study a semester abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France. I could only bring two suitcases with me for five months so I decided to only bring necessities and purchase art supplies when I got there. The Euro was high and when I went into the store to look for supplies I decided to get something inexpensive, but with potential. I saw a stack of construction paper and loved all the colors and how the layers stacked so I got this. I began experimenting and stumbled upon the paper sculptures.