jQuery plugins are integral part of modern web design. jQuery plugins gives web designers a wide range of activities and opportunities to develop a wide range of variation effects to your websites. These plugins will allow you to insert into your website very interesting effects of Twitter.  Here’s a list of 15  jQuery plugins that would help you accomplish this mission.

1. jquery twitter API Plugin

jQuery Twitter API aims to give Web developers the ability to request Twitter public informations from a simple JavaScript function call. The first parameter is a Twitter username and the second is a callback function that will be called after jQuery gets user details from the Twitter servers.

2. Twitter Mentions

Add an un-orderer list to our site listing what the people say about one or more @users.

3. Twitter Trackbacks Widget

Highly customizable Twitter trackbacks widget to integrate tweets that mention your post into your blog. Each tweet comes with reply & retweet links to get more readers engaged in your story conversation.

4. Twit – Display Twitter Tweet On a blog/Webpage

Twit is a simple way to display your twitter tweets on a blog/webpage.

5.  Who – Tweet Buttom

“Who” part to it using the awesome Topsy API. to create this fancy share count button for your stories on twitter.  Its features is Display Twitter pictures of people who tweet your link. You can show pictures of highly influential users only. Display people tweets as a tool-tip when hovering over their pictures. Many transition options like opacity, height and width.The button is not Iframe-Based. Which means you can easily customize its style to blend into your theme.

6.  Juitter – Twitter jQuery plugin

Juitter has a live mode which can display the latest tweets with an Ajaxed interface. It can display tweets from/to a user and containing any keywords. Optionally, this jQuery Twitter plugin can display the avatars & can be styled easily with CSS.

7.  Live Twitter

Live Twitter is a lightweight, live updating Twitter search plugin for jQuery.

8.  Tweetquote

A simple JavaScript plugin, that pulls the latest Twitter Tweets, based on your search terms, and shows them on your website.

9.  Tweetable

Tweetable is a lightweight jQuery plugin which enables you to display your twitter feed on your site quickly and easily. More than just displaying the feeds you can highlight @replys as well as links. There are several optional parameters to control the look and feel of the feed.

10. Popular – On – Twitter Widget

Powered by Topsy, this jquery plugin will enable you to list the most popular posts on your website, from your or another tweep’s timeline or for some keyword within a selected period of time. this is easy to use and highly customizable plugin. Links are displayed with number of tweets and score, which is calculated by the influence of the people talking about them and affects on sorting those links. Its feature is Display popular posts on a website, from a Twitter username or for some keyword. Select the window of time: today, this week, this month. or let Topsy. automatically pick the most relevant window. Display links as a bar with transition effects or as a fixed list. Many transition options like opacity, height, font-size.

11.  Twitter API – jTwitter

This Plugin provides you with an easy Twitter API to access Twitter user information by twitter  username. Plugin lets you get data about any Twitter user, such as user’s bio, profile image, homepage URL, background image URL, following count, followers count, messages count, etc. without any Twitter API key. It is very useful to attach additional Twitter data to your site’s user profiles, etc.  It also any number of that user’s latest posts. And yes, all these you can do without any Twitter API keys.

12. jQuery Tweets

Simple plugin to show tweets from Twitter in your web site.

13.  Realtime Related Tweets Bar

With all the buzz lately about Twitter real-time search. Why don’t you add a real-time tweets bar related to your posts from your twitter timeline or from anybody or even limit it by a geocode coordinates. This is a highly customizable real-time Twitter search-driven bar of tweets related to your post. Its feature is Show realtime related tweets based on your post tags.  Show your twitter timeline; related to your post or not.  Return only tweets with links or return all. Limit tweets by 1 or more users. (from/to/mention users!). Limit tweets by a location geocode and a radius.

14.  Novelcount

NobleCount… for a more ‘proper’ count of the characters remaining. Novelcount is a customizable jQuery plugin for a more the improved counting of the remaining characters, and resulting behaviors, of a text entry object, e.g. input textfield, textarea. NobleCount supports pre-existing text within the text object.
NobleCount supports jQuery chaining.

15. Veetter

You can easy install and configure veetter without programming knowledge. Simple plugin used for displaying tweets in your websites / blogs.

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